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                       Johann Nepomuk Hummel: Innovator of His Time


Just published in 2010, a book that presents a fresh, new look at a great European composer/pianist of the early nineteenth-century. The book has appeal for a wide variety of readers.   For historians, it is a chronological, analytical examination of Hummel's piano solo music highlighting its innovative qualitites and historical siqnificance.  For pianists, it is an informative introduction to and survey of Hummel's major piano solo works with useful information pertinant to performing the music.  For music lovers, it is a vivid explanation of Hummel's music interwoven with important events and people in his personal life.


Hard bound cover; 170 pages; 59 musical examples and diagrams; free CD recording of selected works.


Purchase price: $22.   Available on Ebay , or contact me through this web site for purchase information.

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